Uplifting floral paintings, created to sow seeds of happiness and joy into your home.

  • "I didn't realise I was an artist until now!!!"

  • "Thoroughly enjoyed the Paint and Doodle Workshop and am loving my finished canvas."

  • "Thank you so much for your help, guidants and patience!"

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Natasha Eveleigh, an Artist and pattern designer with a passion for bright colours and bold abstract florals. Natasha has always been inspired by her beautiful surroundings in Somerset. Her signature style is designed to uplift, reflecting a feeling of joy and happiness.

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  • “We can’t recommend Natasha Eveleigh’s work highly enough. Not just for the evocative form. Not just for the new little details we discover each week. Not just for the wonderful life and verve her work brings to our home. But the knowledge that her work is an investment in optimism, brightness and something our children will probably fight over in future.”

  • "Photos don’t show the true vibrancy of your work, they really are exquisite."

  • "It's even better in real life I can see all the tiny details , how do you paint so neatly?! I love it. thank you so much."

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  • "We love our painting so much!"

  • "It's so beautiful. I love your attention to detail and the vibrant colours."

  • "the best art - I love it!!"