How it works

This is the exciting part! Choosing what you would like to have painted for your own home. It is helpful to have a couple of colours you would like to be included and a style of painting that you have seen from my work in mind. Please fill in as much detail as you would like below, along with your name and contact details.

I will then be in touch to discuss your ideas. If you are unsure of exactly what you want I will offer my professional advice and we will work together to find something that will be perfect for you.

Once the painting is almost complete you are welcome to review it and small changes can be made at this point if needed. You are also welcome to keep it as a surprise until the end for an exciting reveal! 

Once the painting is completed the remainder of the fee will be paid. Once payment has been received the painting will be sent out to you.

Ready to hang proudly in your home.

  • “We can’t recommend Natasha Eveleigh’s work highly enough. Not just for the evocative form. Not just for the new little details we discover each week. Not just for the wonderful life and verve her work brings to our home. But the knowledge that her work is an investment in optimism, brightness and something our children will probably fight over in future.”

  • “From our very vague brief, to the seamless international shipping, and tearful delight when Natasha’s work was unveiled - we are just so happy and can’t recommend her work highly enough. She takes time, listens, and produces the most wonderful work. 

    Thank you Natasha Eveleigh.”

  • "Photos don’t show the true vibrancy of your work, they really are exquisite."